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Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner? Have you considered putting you your own Central Vacuum system.  We are no longer selling them but you will find a lot of information on installing them.

What's a Central vacuum system you might ask? To put it simply, it is a vacuum cleaner power unit mounted in a room, out of the living space connected to vacuum inlets, 3-inlets for the average home. Usually power units are mounted in the garage or under the house, out of the living space.  Here is our Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQ).

This is the only true way make your cleaning chores easier, while at the same time making indoor air safer to breathe for you and your children.

The benefits of a central (built-in) vacuum system are:

  1. Convenience, no heavy old fashioned vacuum to drag around.
  2. Easy to use, no heavy vacuum to drag.
  3. Makes stair cleaning easy!
  4. Quiet, all you hear is the sound of the air flow and carpet brush if used.
  5. Reduce dust allergies, exhaust is vented out of living space.
  6. Increases the value of your home.
  7. Maintenance free, filter never needs servicing with normal use.
  8. No bags to buy; just empty the dirt receptacle!
  9. Competitively priced, price compared to quality HEPA uprights and HEPA canister vacuums.
  10. Cana-Vac's limited lifetime warranty, certificate.
  11. Easy to install!

I recomend Cana-Vac vacuum systems.

Here is where you get started. 
You can go to Cana-Vac's site to get a good look their history, and look at their units


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