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Ordering information and instructions.

Decide on which package you need.  Use Cana-vac's manual and our tips for determining what package your home will need.

Included with the Economy and Deluxe is a power unit, 3-inlet rough-in kit, with three white or ivory plastic face plates,80' tubing.  The small house package gets the Compact power unit model 21C the 2-inlet kit inlet kit with two white or ivory face plates and and 50' of tubing.  For larger homes order additional rough-in kits. You will need to purchase the other hardware Supplies mentioned in the tips file and Cana-Vac's manual. There is a minimum order of $50 so order the accessories now.

Here is some help on deciding which package to purchase.

The Small house package is for houses that only need 2 inlets and less than 50 feet of tubing.

The Economy package power unit Model 250 is sufficient for most 1 to 4 bedroom homes (3000 sq. feet), at low altitudes (under 2,500 ft. approximately). The economy package bare floor hose and attachment set has the standard hose turns on the power unit when it is plugged in the vacuum inlet.  It is a simple, inexpensive hose with no internal wires. The economy package will work well in the average-size home.  Higher altitudes use the Model 399 Economy package.

The Deluxe package and with the rest of the packages, the bare floor hose and attachment set has a hose with a the switch in the handle that turns on the power unit at the hose handle.  The electric beater brush hose and attachment set has a hose that has the low volt wire and the 120-volt wire built in the hose.  This hose has the convenience of a switch that turns on the power unit in one position and off in the other and the power unit on and electric brush on in the third position.

The Deluxe system power unit Model 399 has a slightly more powerful unit than the Economy package power unit Model 250.

You need to decide on what color you need for the faceplates.  The bronze faceplate is recommended for floor mounted, on any surface and color carpet; it is scuff proof.  The white and ivory plastic face plates are for wall mount..

No accessories are needed unless your home needs more than 3 inlets or you want a vacpan or surface inlet mount.

Purpose of some accessories.

VacPan.  Is a "dust Pan" mounted under a kitchen cabinet in the baseboard.  You sweep up the dirt to the VacPan and flip the switch with your foot to open and activate the vacuum picking up the dirt.  This is also a "inlet" to consider. They come with installation instructions in white, black, and ivory.

1 foot metal pipe, for going through a firewall.

Extra wands are handy for reaching up in the rafters for spider webs.

The SpaceBag is the very vacuum bag seen on TV.  They are indispensable for storing blankets, sheets, and pillows, keeping them dust and dampness free for those with dust allergies.

Knitted Hose Sock, protects your furniture and walls.

Plastic liner is a plastic bag that lines the dirt receptacle saving one from having to carry the receptacle to the garbage.
Wet Dry Pickup Containment Unit.   This is a canister that will pick up water. 

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