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If you are ordering for a complete system you will or might need:  (Please see Tips, Cana-Vac manual and FAQ before ordering.)

  1. Power Unit, choice from Cana-Vac, Hayden and Eureka
  2. Hose and Attachment Set.  If you have carpets either throw rugs or wall to wall carpets you will need a the attachment set with an electric carpet brush.  All attachment sets come with a hose rack.  But not necessarly a tool caddy.
  1. Face plates, White Ivory or Bronze metal
  2. Installation kit(s)  The kit contains fittings, face plate brackets and wire for installing 3 inlets.  If you need more inlets order the 1 inlet installation kit.
  3. Vac pan, Vac sweep or VacPan II.
  4. Metal pipe, for firewalls
  5. Muffler, for vacuum unit mounted in open areas  where noise is a problem.
  6. Exaust HEPA filter, for power units that can not be vented.
  7. Hose sock, this we recommended. It is to protect your walls from rubbing by the hose.
  8. Turbo carpet brush. If you only have a few throw rugs and would rather not spend the extra money for the electric brush you can purchase a turbo brush.
  9. Extra hoses or wands.  Extra hose for the garage for example and extra wands to reach those high places, check out the Expandable Telescopic Wand, I have one it is great!
  10. Extra hose and attachment set for the other floor to save you from having to get the one from your main floor.
  11. Bundle of Tubing, (pipe)
Avalable is a 50 foot bundle (10 5' pieces) and a 80 foot bundle (10 8' pieces).  FYI: technically pipe is measured outside diameter (OD) tubing is measured inside diameter (ID).  Also tubing is thinned walled.  Central vacuum tubing is thinned walled tubing.  Remember to consider the tubing needed for venting if venting is planned. 

We ship by UPS, even though the tubing is oversized they will take it for a oversize fee $40.
  I shipped two bundles of tubing about 100 miles and it cost more to ship it than the tubing cost. I lost money on that one!

There is no shopping cart button for tubing.  You have to email me for prices.  Try to find it locally first, most vacuum dealers/contractos will sell you vacuum tubing.  Purchase ONLY tubing made for central vacuum systems; it is the only tubing that will be sure to fit the fittings and faceplates.

Power Units & Accessories Price List

For those who need replacement parts or you do not see the accessory on this sheet see our Complete Price List .

If there is something you need that you do not see please email us.  We can get most anything related to central vacuum systems but some things will be shipped from California.

Prices and models and availability are subject to change without notice. Note these are internet self-service purchase prices.  If you call you will get list prices.

Cana Vac Power Units (specs)

Code Power Unit MSR Price Our Price
Model 211R 399.95 359.96
010008R Model 250R 527.95 475.16
010011R Model 399R 599.95 539.96
010008Q Model 250Q 625.95 563.36
010011Q Model 399Q
010013Q Model 399AQ
010017Q Model 911Q

Accessories For Expanding The Number of Inlets From The Basic 3 Inlets.
Code Inlet Expansion Accessories

016925 Vacpan™ Black
016926 Vacpan™ Almond
016927 Vacpan™ White
016930 Vac Sweep™ Black
016931 Vac Sweep™ Ivory
016932 Vac Sweep™ White
015715 White Metal Face Plate
015615 Ivory Metal Face Plate
015310 Bronze Metal Face Plate
Plastic Utility Inlet
040011 Installation Kit 1 inlet  
040006 Installation Kit 3 inlet   (description) 
030290-2 80' Vac Tubing, bundle of 10 at 8' each or a bundle of 10 at 4' 11". 
Please email for price, and shipping.

Additional Accessories
Code Description

020054 Cloth Tool bag (picture)
020008 Hose Hanger
020082 Canplas Vacu-Sweep, Ivory
Canplas Vacu-Sweep, White
Canaplac Vacu-Sweep, Black
020014-1 Expandable Telescopic Wand, Chrome
020024-1 12" Floor Tool
020053 Hose Tote
110045 Plastic Liner for dirt Receptacle (25/pkg.) fits 4,5,7 & 8 gallon buckets. *
025390-1 Foot long metal pipe, for running through fire walls *